Points & Levels

Information | Updated 3 years, 8 months ago
Points are gained through posting ideas, when you post ideas to the the users from around the world can vote on your idea.

The community can up-votes your ideas,each time a person upvotes your idea you will gain 1 point. You are open to up or down-vote as many ideas as you see fit.

It's very likely you'll get lots of total points from the total amount of ideas you post, however obviously the better the ideas you post the higher the prospect you'll get lots of up-votes.

One last thing, the idea you post can have an unlimited amount of votes on it, but there's a limit of how many points you gain from one idea. The limit is 50, this means that 50 points, is the largest amount of points you can gain from any single idea.

Need ideas for something new or personal? Simply request ideas and let the public give you ideas! You can share your idea request with anyone!

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