Ideas for dog tips

Ideas for dog tips

I'm looking for some all round great ideas and tips on having dogs and what is good things to teach little puppies, training the dog, helping it in small ways or anything you can think of that you think that's a good idea to know icon
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  • back of the hand on the floor for 5 seconds if its to hot for you its to hot for them

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  • build a bond to the point you can pick your dog up

    because one day you may need to pick them up to save their life 
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  • use the water from the tuna cans

    If you have ever had tuna you will now that you get a lot of water that you would normally tip down the drain or toliet, well insted of that add it to some dry food or treat with the next meal and your dog will adore you for it
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  • if your dog runs away

    If you are lucky enough to have your dog come back to you after it runs away do not punish it reward it because it has come home after all 
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  • do NOT buy pets, only adopt.

    When you adopt an animal, it's cheaper, usually already trained, and you save a life 
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  • getting a shy dog on bored

    If the dog will not approach you then just put a treat in your hand and pretend to ignore him, he will come around and learn that you are not a threat  
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