Ideas for how to make tomorrow better than today

Ideas for how to make tomorrow better than today

I just want ideas on how to make my future better, tomorrow im going to make changes, arrangements and plans. If I can make one positive change a day then who knows where I can be as I get older. icon
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  • Start or Improve your Self talk

    Now I know this sounds weird to ask someone to talk to themselves or give an idea to just talk to yourself the first step in getting rid of bad entities in your life, is to self talk say to yourself you can do this it's possible you are good enough, you know what you're doing and you believe in yourself and everyone believes in you.
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  • Search for more opportunities to smile

    Scientific research has shown that if you smile then endorphins are released into your body resulting in you being a happier person and using thought habits that increase usage overtime *smile now?*
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  • Create a purpose

    Depending if you are half glass full type or half empty glass kinda Guy. If you are half full type of Guy you probably already know this if you are a half type empty Guy. Then this is probably due to you, you need to have purpose in life you need to create something that drives you to get up every single day
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  • Learn to pace your energy

    Slow and steady wins the race
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  • Give somone a complimentary remark

    It is one of the easiest ways you can better yourself by just simply being a all round nice person to be around one of the ways you can do this is bringing a smile to someone's face by simply just telling them a small complementary remark
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  • Laugh more

    Laughter can actually pick up your mood just try not to laugh at other people's mistakes because heavens knows we all make mistakes
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  • Become your own best friend

    It is easy but you should also have your back just as much as you would have your friends or family you have to take time to learn about yourself make sure you keep care of yourself have a healthy diet you get enough sleep you have some exercise. practice self love
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  • Don't take things too seriously

    Many people feel remorse after they done something bad prevent feeling guilty and remorseful but think about what you do first so you don't have to regret stuff later
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  • Always do your best

    Never leave something thinking you could have done better at it
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  • Pay attention to what you eat

    Junk food can easily make your mood go down to remember eat healthy for a good mood or at least moderate
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  • Keep in touch with the world

    If you live alone make sure to keep calling your loved ones and maybe drop in and say hi just to remind them of you
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  • Go easy on coffee

    Too much coffee can make you nervous and fidget
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  • Manage spare time

    This may come as a shock but in all the time that you sit there you could be learning something rather than wasting time use time to your advantage
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  • Get a new hobby

    To keep your mind off work set something aside that you can do in the evenings that improves your intelligence
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