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I have been trying to learn a language for a while now but I suck at remembering it I feel I learn something then I don't use it again, I need some help icon
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  • go on fiverr

    you can order someone to help you learn another language. Someone who is fluent in both language's 

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  • Connect with a native speaker

    connecting with a speaker is a geat way to start tell them you might want to try and learn their language, they will most likely like that you are taking an interest in their language and teach you it so you can speak it with them as well 
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  • take a couple of hours a day to learn

    if you want to be fluent then you need to work at it no one can honestly say they studied something every day and not get better or close to fulent 
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  • carry a dictionary and learn the words as you go along

    when you are out and about you can find things that you go to all the time and then ou can see what it is in the other laungeuge for the items you normally get 
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