Ideas for Year 6 Leavers (9-10 Years olds)

as the school leavers have just left and we didn't do a whole lot for there leavers party, i was thinking of making next year a lot bigger so i will need some idea for the leavers next year to make it memorable icon
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  • Year 2110 Class Reunion

    have every child in that year dress up into old people clothes and pretend they are that ages as if they have aged 100 years but still are only leaving year 6 this will not only be entertaining but will also be different and unheard of. could even have really funny jokes like Not everything changes though. You'll never guess what new album I just downloaded,
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  • Harry Potter Hat

    In the 1st Harry Potter book, a witching Sorting Hat is employed to divide the Hogwarts pupils into homes. The speaking hat talks concerning the character of every kid, description their hopes, fears, strengths, weaknesses and ambitions. within the same approach, throughout your leavers assembly place a hat on every pupils head successively. Then have somebody read out a lovely paragraph about that kid. The passage might be written by a tutor or by one in every of the childs best friends. this concept works best if the reader is off-stage with a mike, employing a funny voice to mimic the voice utilized in the films.
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  • Britains Got Talent / X-Factor

    Stage your own talent competition within the sort of Britains Got Talent. ensure you have got some judges ready with funny or poignant things to mention. Buzzers area unit optional! the youngsters may sing, dance, tell jokes, do magic, show a sporting or creative ability so on
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  • Leavers Audio-Visual Presentation

    For years currently, most faculties have created a basic audio-visual presentation of the childrens time at school, to show throughout the leavers assembly. This typically consists of straightforward PowerPoint photos shown over an appropriate song. however this year, why not build it a small amount different?
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  • Teachers Awards

    Many leavers assemblies historically involve Associate in Nursing awards ceremony for the youngsters. This year, why not flip the tables? Have the youngsters gift Associate in Nursing awards ceremony for all the lecturers WHO have schooled them throughout their time within the faculty. Here ar some concepts for numerous titles of every award: Most evangelistic teacher, Best dressed teacher, Funniest teacher, Teacher with the most effective singing voice,Most organised teacher even Teacher who drank the most coffee Most organised teacher
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  • Disney Medley

    now split the children up into a multitude of groups, use one of the teachers as the quiz master, say famous lines that they would known such as you've Got A Friend In Me (Toy Story)
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  • Psalm 23

    for church schools, or for those schools that want to have a more spiritual side to their leavers assembly, you can't go wrong with including elements of Psalm 23 .The Lord is my Shepherd
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